Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I miss my wife!

I'm exhausted and about to go to bed, finally. I haven't slept much the past two nights (had to get up really early on Monday to catch my flight and can never sleep in a hotel bed). But before going to bed, Erin and I read our bible passage and devotional for the evening.
I've been missing my wife while at this conference. It seems like over the past month or so I've been falling deeper in love with my wife. And while being here at a church planter's conference, I've been appreciating how there's not a dude at this conference with a better ministry partner than my sweet wife (maybe equal but not better). The way Erin loves and accepts people, the way she invites people to church and shares the message of Jesus through both her words and actions and how she's seeing some family members connect in church is amazing. I love my wife.

And as a funny, personal note. Since I couldn't sleep anyway, I was jogging along the jogging path outside my hotel (think Corporate Woods) just as the sun was coming up, listening t0 Marvelous Light on my ipod. Something relevant about hearing "into marvelous light I'm running, out of darkness into light" while jogging at sunrise.

I'll post the highlights tomorrow but this conference has been amazing! Not only have I learned a ton but it has been a spiritual and emotional supercharge. My time talking with Dale has been incredible, too. He's got a mind for systems of assimilation and discipleship that have been inspring me and I'm going to steal from him and begin working these systems at TF.

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Joe K said...

Wow. Two days, huh? Gosh. How do you do it???