Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Story Continues

The Story Continues
Our theme for today is that the story continues. Yes, this chapter is closing but the story of Trinity Family really will continue. As one example, on Friday, I received this email from a pastor in Oklahoma.

“I am a pastor of a church in Oklahoma City, OK (Antioch) and I am starting a series this week called "Love Wins". I am dealing with Judas and Peter and how Jesus loved them even though they betrayed and denied, and how Peter chose to be restored to that love. I am also going to preach about how Love Won on the cross and through the resurrection and how Jesus used and uses imperfect people to spread his message.

When I went to Google to find pictures to use for promotion, one of those pictures led me to your web site and your "Love Wins" ministry. I am planning to use your video about the Gentlemen's Clubs this Sunday (if that is okay with you). I have just completed a series challenging our people to get outside our walls and to take the church to the streets, and your story moved me. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you are doing for the Kingdom! Jesus is very pleased with your heart and your mission. Keep up the good work.
Nathan Tate

The story continues…

- As the Michael and Elizabeth Palmer welcome their baby into the world this September

- As Joe Kumor finishes up his ministry degree and continues to preach at teach at his home church. The guy who once told me he’d rather be shot at in battle then preach before a congregation.

- As I get to take what I’ve learned here at TFC about God’s love for the poor into a KC, MO classroom. Sharing God’s love with the kids the rest of society has forgotten.

- As Josh and Ashley Vance help lead a missional church in St. Petersburg, Florida.

- As we join our outwardly-focused mindset and energy with Indian Creek Church. A church who shares our heart for those outside the church.

- As people in Ethiopia continue to draw fresh water from the well we helped dig.

- As orphans in Bangladesh continue to eat food from the garden we helped create.

- As the kids of people like Travis, Brett and Lindsay grow up with parents who know Jesus. They know Jesus because of this church.

- As Jamie Raymo continues to learn how to do life without chemical dependence.

- As Zach Pogemiller helps more and more people understand Jesus’ message of nonviolence.

- As the “three amigos” of the TFC nursery grow up together and keep fighting each other.

- As Erin and I guide Dawson’s spiritual development, following the example set by Noel and Dawn Forrester.

- As we get to be daddy and mommy to a child we thought we might never have. A child so many of you prayed for, even before he was conceived.

- As our “miracle baby”, Noah Pride keeps celebrating one more birthday.

- As Ben and Irene Delong get to live out the calling they’ve had since we became friends 6 years ago. A calling to share Jesus’ love with the gay community. The story continues as they get to live out that calling in Midtown.

- TFC Midtown will continue TFC’s legacy of reaching the people that other churches ignore through methods that other churches would never dream of trying.

- The story of TFC will continue. In all of you.

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