Sunday, March 27, 2011


I just read an obitiuary of sorts regarding my time in pastoring TFC.  I read it in the section of my DS's weekly email entitled "transitions," in which he shares news of pastors joining or leaving the District.  It was now my turn to be in that section. 

"Pastor Donnie Miller (Gardner Trinity Family) announced his resignation to the congregation to be effective at the close of services April 3rd. Donnie and Erin planted TFC more than five years ago and have led the church in some of the most creative outreach ministries we know. The ministry of TFC will continue but will relocate from Gardner to Midtown Kansas City under the strategy of reaching some of the most marginalized people among us. We wish the Millers all the best in the days ahead."

You know what, I'm honored by that description of my pastoral service at TFC. 


Valerie said...

You should be. :)

Zach Pogemiller said...

I think that is an excellent "obituary" for TFC Gardner. But still it is saddening to read.