Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going public with our dancing

On Monday night, Erin and I joined about a hundred elementary kids and their parents for a ballr00m dancing event at her school. The kids from several Olathe schools were able to show off their new moves while a live band provided the rythms.

The fun part for us was going 'public' with the swing moves we learned in our class this fall. The ballroom dancing class we took at Gardner Dance Studio was beneficial but since we learned a new dance every session, I don't feel comfortable in any of them. The exception being the West-Coast Swing, which we worked on in a few different sessions.

Here we are, showing off our moves. Not the most impressive pictures, I realize. I think we're just doing the basic steps of the fox trot in the first picture. In the second picture, we're actually swing dancing.

Here are a few more from the night. The couple dancing were some of the instructors, Erin went to High School with the lady.

While taking French and ballroom dancing classes at the same time, I've found that dance is a form of language, you learn a new dance in ways similar to learning a new language.

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