Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas County Spelling Bee!

Yesterday was an amazing day for TFC! It was our first (annual?) TFC Kidz Christmas musical. Just from a personal perspective, as someone who loves musicals and goes to a lot of theme, the production was high-quality! With Heather Tinker being in charge, it was what I expected, though. But when you consider that this was our first ever musical and the kids were only able to practice on the stage once, the whole thing came together quite well. The kids delivered their humorous one-liners well and they belted out their songs, too. The baby angels and all the animals in the manger scene were a nice touch. Toward the end of the musical, I went and sat in the back of the auditorium. It was nice sitting back there watching everthing unfold. It's great to be in PRMS, we wouldn't have been able to pull that off in Madison Elementary.

But beyond the production, the message of the musical was quite moving. The kids spelled all the names for God, leading up to "Immanuel/ Emmanuel" - God with us. It's the whole point of Christmas; God isn't far-off but he now lives among us. I just about cried during the musical, but I toughed it out...

Way to go Heather, Melissa and Pastor Andy! Way to go TFC Kidz!

You can see all the pictures Erin and I took here and here.

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