Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

We successfully completed another great show for GCT over the weekend. Even though I didn't have too many responsibilities, it still wore me out. Not only was the show great (Sunday's crowd was really into it) but GCT's income exceeded expenses so we have seed money for the summer show, Bye Bye Birdie.

My official stance right now is that I'm NOT trying out for Bye Bye Birdie, at least not for anything major or minor for that matter, but who knows... I do love working with GCT, though. I'm so proud of our leadership and excited about GCT's future. The Christmas show being such a huge success demonstrates how good things are going right now with GCT.

It's interesting being on the leadership board of GCT without being the main leader, Dan Naden is our president. I believe in GCT but I don't have as much invested nor the same drive as Dan. I know there's a possibility for me to step up my leadership but I'm also a bit hesitant about over-comitting. Sometimes I'm content with letting other board members pull more weight than me. I'm not proud of that, just the way it is. I'm such a perfectionist that I always want to do everything with 100% and to the best of my ability, but the reality is that I can't give 100% to everything.

I'm actually pretty embarrassed by something I did yesterday. The whole cast sat around and ate pizza after the show. Over the next hour or so, most cast members left the PRMS cafeteria but a few of us sat around and kept talking. It was a good time. Franci (the director), Kevin (my fellow fireman) and Chris (the police officer and the dad of the about to be mentioned girls) were being thoroughly entertained by the Haag girls' story telling. A couple times I wondered, "where's my wife?" I thought maybe she had gone home.

Well, I didn't realize (though I should have) that my wife and the other board members were cleaning up. I had done some work right after the show but thought we were done. When I realized I was skipping out on work that needed to be done, I was pretty embarrassed. But I did pitch in for the final 1/2 hour of work.

And in more GCT news, we were advertising at all 3 shows this weekend the GCT/ TFC Variety Show on Saturday night, April 18th. Tryouts will be March 28th. Both will take place at PRMS. So, get your garage band, tap-dance act or your stand-up set ready because we're ready for this show. Franci Talamantez will be directing this show as well, so she makes the final decision as to who gets in the show. But as the main sponsor on the show, TFC's worshp band get an 'automatic birth' as the Variety's Show's house band.


Mayor George Shinn said...

Donnie -
I was glad to be part of that "in to it" crowd seeing the show on Sunday afternoon. It was great! I wished I had been a part of it! There are so many talented people in this community. Everyone involved should be very proud of their accomplishments.

Donnie Miller said...

Matt, it was good to see ya!

By the way, it's too cold to go around in one's drawers all day. Just thought you'd want to know.