Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dawson's First Royals Game

I'd always said I wasn't paying to take Dawson to a Royals game until he understood the difference between the Royals and the T-Bones. Well, that's still probably true. But since Erin and Dawson were able to join me and the rest of the TFA KC Corps at the Royals game last night, Dawson got to experience his first ever Royals game. He was able to say something that sounded like "Go Wohyahls."

We walked around the outfield first and were standing there for Alex Gordon's lead-off home run. So the first at-bat of Dawson's first Royals game was a home run. Of course, the Royals tanked after that, meaning Dawson get's to understand that to be a Royals fan means you'll usually be on the losing side. But it was still cool to be in the outfield, just under the fountains, for that home run.

We then used the concessions vouchers that TFA gave us to sit at the park benches and eat some ballpark food. We then walked the entire concourse and up the long stairs to our TFA section. Dawson went straight to the top where he climbed in and out of the seats and ran the aisles. We then spent the rest of the night, until way past his bedtime, walking up and down the stairs, hearing all these young ladies telling Dawson how cute he was and pining for his attention. One TFA Corps Member told Dawson to "call me when you're six."

So maybe this is a glimpse into our future. Going to the K to watch the Royals lose and me watching Dawson respond to girls falling all over him. I guess things could be worse. I could be the father of a nice-looking girl and we could be Cardinals fans...


Mark Fraley said...

love the pictures. I was just a psyched to go with my boys for the first time (seattle mariners that is).

Rachel Shaffer said... could be CJ. :)