Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Bit Too Much

Erin and I have always been very involved people, being involved in a lot of activities and spreading ourselves out in the lives of many people. I think this summer, we've finally over-stretched ourselves.

I'm trying to get used to my early morning package-handling job at FedEx. I'm still pastoring TFC, obviously and I'm also taking a French 200 class and a Spanish 100 class. From the time I wake up till the time I go to bed, it's almost a non-stop effort to get it all done.

It should be easier in the summer because Erin is home, right? Well, Erin is tutoring some kids during the week and she has Annie rehearsals EVERY single day in June (except for three off days). The good thing about Erin being gone so often is that I'm forced to pay attention to my son. Not that I don't love being with Dawson but my wife can tell you that I easily put tasks before relationships. I need other tasks to force me to change my priorities sometimes.

I've gotta support my family with this second job but I'm also trying to open up new directions in life/ ministry in learning these languages. But somehow we've gotta strike a better balance. Annie ends in mid-July and it will be a much-needed reprieve.

Thank you to Kim Gordon, Dawson's Grandma for coming here twice a week so I can go to class and Erin can go to rehearsal. And to the other people who pitch in here and there to help us.

Don't be surprised if I'm not able to blog much these days...

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