Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Daily Office

A couple Sundays ago, in the midst of this Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series, I shared about the Daily Office. "Office" comes from a Latin word that means "work" and the daily work is an ancient Christian practice training for constant communication with God throughout the day. This constant communication can be juxtaposed to the practice I had for years, putting in my time with God each day and then just going about the rest of my day - sometimes coming back to God but most often not.

As I wrote in my first post of 2009 and several times throughout the year (see tag below) I've been trying to train myself in the discipline of practicing God's presence. I've had some good times but mostly it's been a pretty unsuccessful experiment. Well, since using this book on the Daily Office from the emotionally healthy website, I've made some gains in this discipline. This book has helped bring a good balance between a tool helping me focus upon God and my mind being trained to return to God throughout the day.

I'm still a novice in this life of practicing God's presence but it's nice to have seen some growth.

BTW, you can read or listen to (most) of the message on the Daily Office here.

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