Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love Still Wins!

I don't have much time to write because I'm about to walk out the door and head to Illinois to spend the next couple of days with a good friend, Dale Schaeffer who is the founding pastor of fast-growing church in central Illinois, Bridgeway.

But I had to get this post up so everyone could know a bit of what happened today and see the picture. For the second time since last spring, we had the privelege of again working alongside some employees from Bonita Flats at My Father's House in Paola. To be honest, I didn't lift a finger to work but I did a lot of talking! I had planned on leaving earlier but when Erin and Elizabeth were passing out the bags last night at Bonita's, a few people said they were looking forward to talking with me today, so I changed my plans so I could be there.

Just like last time, I had a good talk with Guido, the owner/ manager of Bonita's. Guido, again, affirmed me and TFC, saying I'm different than most pastors he knows and TFC is different than a lot of churches he knows. He thinks of us as so loving and trustworthy that when a co-worker kept asking him questions about God Guido told him, "I know just the person you need to talk to and just the church you should check out." Well, that guys' been to church a couple times and we're getting together soon for dinner.

Guido teaches me a lot about God's love and knowing that he trusts me and TFC to talk with a friend about God just might be the highest compliment I've ever received.

The simple truth is that Love Wins!

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