Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dr. Glenn Fell's trip to Africa

Glenn hasn't been around TFC for too long, so you might now know him yet, but I still wanted to share what he's going to be doing the next couple of months. I'm posting an email from Glenn detailing his upcoming trip to Africa

Hey all.... Did not want to say anything til I was sure but it is now set... I am adding a ten day trip to Kenya after my month long trip to Malawi.
A Kenyan friend, Sherry Otumwa, contacted me last week about making a side trip to her village in western Kenya. I met Sherry last year when working at the Heifer International farm in Mass. I was able to make the arrangements and I am going to make this visit. I will be teaching in two different ag schools while there and staying right in the village. I am excited about this side trip. It will set the stage for more work in Kenya next winter.

Here's a link to Glenn's organization he's starting, Jubilee Native.
Please pray for Glenn as he's on his trip. I'm excited to hear about his report when he comes back.

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