Monday, December 17, 2012

Global Debt and Global Terrorism

It may come as a shock to some people to realize that terrorism does not happen in a vacuum. The "bad guys" don't wake up one day with hatred in their heart and decide to attack the "good guys."  The reality is much more complex and the categories of "good guys" and "bad guys" has much more overlap and is much less clearly defined than the rhetoric our nation's leaders would have us believe. 

For example, check out this quote from a great book, Everyday Justice: TheGlobal Impact of our Daily Choices.
"Debt cancellation has a role to play when it comes to national security.  Nations where the government and economy are not stable enough to provide basic necessities for the people (medical systems, access to food, education) often face higher levels of civil unrest.  Unstable countries pose threats to more prosperous countries around the world.  Sometimes this takes the form of direct invasion as one country seeks to overtake the resources of another.  More often, though, this unrest provides the breeding ground for terrorist activity.  For example, as Pakistan's economy crumbled and they took loans from the IMF, education suffered.  Children didn't have access to schools or to education that would teach them how to think critically about their world. Then the Taliban stepped in.  Amidst poverty and a generation of children looking for guidance, the Taliban set up thousands of 'madrasses' (religious schools), which offered not only education but free room and board.  What the government was unable to provide to desperate families, the Taliban was more than willing to provide in ways that assured them well-trained disciples.  It is far easier for extreme ideologies to take root when there are no alternatives to choose from.  Removing the conditions that foster terrorism seems like a logical step toward our own national security.  Relieving the debt of countries so they can care for their own is part of improving those conditions."

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