Monday, July 19, 2010

Annie - Final Weekend

"I knew your wife had a nice voice, but I had NO IDEA she could sing like that?" I heard that many times from people over the past two weekends, as they were blown away by my wife's performance in Annie. She's also still being recruited by a director from another community theatre who will be doing Annie later this year.

We sold just under 1,700 tickes, blowing away our previous record from two years ago. So for the first time in awhile, we have a cushion in our checking account, which feels very nice.

But what feels even nicer, for those who participated in the show, is the warm glow that comes from a job well done, the 'wowing' of thousands of people and the ending of an exhuasting stretch.

Of course, for many of the actors there is the letdown of it all being over. I wasn't in the show so I don't feel that. I'm feeling the opposite - the thrill of having my wife back in the family!

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