Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Thoughts...

In case you hadn't noticed, there is a small political debate happening right now. To be honest, I can't understand the ferocity - why it's necessary and where it's coming from. Here's a thought to share from Rob Bell.

"How many of you have found yourself observing a debate and realized both sides have really good things to say and both sides are a little nuts in some areas? '[That's when we realize] I can't any longer make cartoon characters of the other side because I've actually listened to the other side and there are some things I agree with and some things I don't. And I realize they're probably looking at me the same way.' So the best posture is to take the best of both sides and leave behind the parts of both sides that should be left behind.

When you see people parking themselves at one side or the other, creating a character of the other side then gaining lots of viewers and making lots of money beating up a mythical character of the other side, you realize, 'these people are exploiting the [polarities] for their own gain and power.'

Then you realize, 'I can't do that anymore. These kind of simplistic ways of dividing the world, these dualities, don't work anymore.'

When you see people exploiting them, creating division, continuing to argue so as to uphold this system, you realize, 'it doesn't work.' "


Now, if only I could live that way.

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