Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I'm writing this on Christmas morning. Both Dawson and Erin are taking naps.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, was a wonderful day. I did a little bit of grocery shopping and got to enjoy the big crowd at Walmart. Most of the day however, I just laid around the house with my family in my pajamas. After being sick most of the previous day, Dawson was his smiling self again and even taking some solid foods. Just as I was running my last errand to Walmart, the light rain started turning to snow and ice. We locked ourselves up inside, put on a fire and listened to my all-time favorite Christmas album, Oakridge Boys Christmas. After we put Dawson to bed, we laid out his presents and then laid in front of the TV and watched the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol, my all-time favorite Christmas movie. It was a wonderful day.

Today started out pretty good but quickly went downhill. Dawson was very excited over his new toys but just before putting him down for a nap, he regurgitated his breakfast cereal all over the both of us. Erin has gotten progressively sicker as the morning has gone on, seeming to have the stomach flu Dawson had two days ago. She's sleeping right now. Between the ice and snow drifts and the sick family, it looks like we won't be doing all the family stuff we'd planned.

Did I mention Christmas Eve was a wonderful day? It really was.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

UPDATE: Erin' sickness violently peaked about noon yesterday. I took care of Dawson while she stayed in the bathroom. But while she was really sick, I could feel the flu growing in my own body. By 5:00 last night, the flu violently took me as well. I'm not over-stating when I say this might be the sickest I've ever been. After every bodily purging, I did my best "addict in withdrawal" imitation by laying on the floor with cold shakes. Each purging increased my dehydration resulting in more and more painful cramping. And on top of everything, the people who wanted to come help us weren't able to do so because of the snowstorm. Dawson's first Christmas is certainly one we'll remember.

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