Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A great article on the lady who inspired and coached us in our Love Wins ministry

Check out this article. After reading the Glamour article on Harmony, we were able to find her online. Harmony has coached and inspired us in starting Love Wins. She's quite an encouragement to us.

And on the Love Wins front, we combined with Bonita's again last weekend to serve at My Father's House. We spent the morning helping organize the storage area of their thrift store. The service project was a great time, as was hanging out together at lunch afterwards.

My favorite part of the morning was the 'stump / shock the pastor' session while doing some work. I had some hard questions thrown at me as well as some "I shouldn't say that in front of a pastor," even though I don't care. In fact, in situations like that, I usually drop a profanity to let people know I'm a normal guy.

But what I think is really going on when people throw tough questions at me or take on a tough persona is the deeper question of "will you befriend and accept me for who I am." Or even deeper, "does God love and accept me just the way I am."

The answer to both questions is a solid "YES!"

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Rachel Shaffer said...

Well shit! Why don't you drop them all the time??? JK!