Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Father's Day

I'd been waiting for this day for several years and it's been a pretty good day. It started with me feeding Dawson at 4:30 this morning, barely awake and took off from there. The past few days have been nonstop and today was more of the same. Ryder stayed the night last night, so we were giving baths, getting them dressed, cleaning up breakfast, giving bottles and everything while getting ready for set-up (me) and morning band practice (Erin). I get to watch both boys while Erin is singing.

After the craziness of church (which was AWESOME today - more on that later) and VBS set-up, I had to get over to rehearsal. I got home at 5:00 to find that Erin and Franci had taken the boys to Target and somehow gotten the last (display) model of a grill into Franci's jeep. Erin and I got it out and while she wasn't paying attention, I hauled the whole thing up the deck steps by myself (finally, something practical for all those hours in the gym). And I just finished the polish sausages I grilled on the $300 grill we got for half price. Man, it's been a long time since I've grilled.

Here are the thoughts I shared on Father's day during this morning's worship. In his own 4 month old way, Dawson knows that the two big people - the ones who always come into him room when he's crying, feed him when he's hungry, sing to him, play with him, rock him and everything else we do - care for him. I'm not sure how much he comprehends, but he knows there's something special about us.
But even though he has vague realizations that we care for him, he has NO IDEA the depth of our love for him. He couldn't even come close to grasping how much we love him. I still, sometimes, put him in his crib and then cry thankful tears as I pray over him.

And if our love for Dawson is so much greater than he can comprehend, imagine the power of our Heavenly Father's love. We could never grasp even a fraction of God's love for us. But if we could somehow come to live in the reality of that love, it would completely and eternally transform our lives.

Happy Father's Day

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