Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Power of "The 5"

I've been struck this week by the power of Trinity Family's 5 disciplines. I'm been realizing what incredible things can happen when a community of believers commit themselves to worshipping God, connecting with believers, serving others, giving sacrificially and investing in unbelievers.

We haven't gotten any feedback from the recipients of our "Love Wins" bags, but I've seen God doing some great stuff in the lives of those who have helped the ministry get up and running.

Last weekend, our teens went on an Urban Immersion experience. While at the plaza, they met a homeless family that had just been kicked out of their HUD housing and weren't sure what to do. 7 kids in that family! Because they were out serving others, Ben, Andy and Michelle were able to connect with this family. Ben has been helping them find a place to stay and has been helping the dad look for a job. I sent out an email to the church, explaining the situation and a lot of people have responded by getting clothes, food, job leads, etc. One family told me they were going to write a huge check to help this family. Enough money to cover rent a groceries for about 6 months! That's the power of sacrificial giving.

It's been about 7 months since our Advisory Council started asking God, "what is TF to be all about?" We believe the answer was the 5. I'm now seeing God's guidance in that decision.

I truly believe that a group of people living out the 5 can transform their part of the world! That living these 5 disciplines will pave the way for the breaking in of God's kingdom in the Gardner area!

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